Closing time….

Sometimes, when one door closes, another opens…

Its with a sad panda heart that I close this door, it’s time for me to close down REKT in world, and i bow down gracefully to all those of you who have supported the store and been so wonderful in helping me through this journey. It’s been alot of hard work, sweat and tears that have brought on this decision, and sometimes, business is business and you have to do what’s best for the time being.

However, the adventure doesn’t stop here. 🙂 I’ll keep you guys posted as to what will happen soon.

Much love and again thank you all for the support. The store will be open until the end of the week.

Ill be letting you guys know what’s up with future projects here soon because as i’ve said, the adventure doesn’t stop here 🙂




Minimalist Fireplace for The Challenge


Now available in the mainstore for The Challenge at 50% off for only 99L. Our challenge this month was Minimal ♥ ((one of my faves))

The event lasts for the duration of February so no stress or having to push everyone off to go grab yours, just stop by the the location below.

Here’s how to get to my store:

Be sure to check out the other creators in the event, you can find more information about their creations here:

Happy shopping!



The Annapolis Bed from REKT

Now available at SANARAE, I have created this beautiful mesh bed, the Annapolis bed.  It is available at 50% off for the duration of the event, which is running until February 18th, and you can get each color for only 99L each or the fatpack for only 500L during this time!

This is the romance/pg version (yes yes i am working on an adult version as well which is to be released at a later date – i will make a post to advise of their release.  But yeah, getting back to this bed it comes in 6 different colors to choose from and you get 36 animations for you and your partner and also includes sleeping animations so be sure to stop by the mainstore to have a look at the fullsized demo as i have scaled it down a little at the event in order to preserve LI for the display.

Also please keep in mind if you modify the size of the bed, you will need to readjust your poses.

So here is the Slurl for the event:

And the Slurl for the DEMO at the mainstore location:

To find out more about the event here is the website:

Happy shopping my dears xox

Hugs ♥




More reasons to join the REKT group


At REKT I take pride in giving back to my group members because I appreciate your unconditional support. I have been around for almost 5 years now (in the business) and even through out my prior endeavors, I have always made it a point to be generous with my group because, their support, has always been, what to me was a great source of inspiration, motivation and always my rock!

You are what makes it all worth it in the end because without you all, it wouldn’t be as meaningful. This is my way of showing you my thanks and gratitude for everything!

So I am adding as I go here (and I AM NOT DONE… there will be more things to come so keep your eyes peeled on those notices!!)  Yesterday I added 2 new camping chairs in the newly renovated layout! So yes you saw that right, I have changed the layout of the store a bit, so the lucky chairs and MM boards have moved to the lounge area in the back of the rp/furniture area. So 2 new camping chairs are loaded with prizes and ready for you to come on down and hang out for a while in order to get some new goodies at no cost to you! All you need to do is sit on the camping chair and just stay the amount of time required and you will earn the item. There’s even a nice lounge for you to bring a friend to chill with you.

I will also be adding an inworld group discount for all purchases made wearing your group tag at the mainstore location, also, added a daily sales board (open for all) where you can find deeply discounted items every day and there will also be a a special lottery EVERY DAY.

Your chance to win instore credit EVERY DAY. All you will have to do is teleport to the mainstore location, come slap the lottery board and you are good to go.  The winner will need to be a part of the group in order to win. SIMPLE AS THAT! There will be a 100L draw every day and a 500L weekly draw and who knows maybe more on special occasions.

So here’s the deal… You can get all this… for the whoppin sum of 50L one time join fee. That’s it. You have until the end of the month to grab all of last year’s group gifts before they go into a box that will be for sale to group members only for a low price.. but to get them free, you have until the end of the month! The new group gift is about to come out… so get in on this while all those gifts are available! If you leave the group you will have to pay again. So keep in mind that’s on you, remember NOT to leave it or you will need to pay 50L to join once more.

(Don’t forget the gifts are out front at the landing zone however make sure you go around the back in the RP/Furniture area you will find all the boards there)

Enjoy the spoils!!



group:secondlife:///app/group/916cd981-b3cb-3572-4642-1f98e01164a3/about  (copy & paste in local)