Homestuff Hunt is coming soon

Rekt Wallflower Homestuff Hunt Gif Preview


Happy Easter to you folks!

Hitting you guys with a little preview today of whats to come for the Homestuff hunt on the 1st of April.

This colorful fatpack  including every color you see here will be available for you to hunt all the way through to the 30th, so what better way to bring in spring with these lovely sculptures to hang both inside and out!

Did I mention this is FREE?? just for finding this item hidden somewhere in store you get all these beautiful wallflowers so be on the lookout as of the 1st for the Homestuff shirt hidden somewhere in the store for your goodies!

The website will put the hints up when the hunt starts so here is the link and I will remind you all again on the first as well.

Happy hunting!




Terracotta Pastel Egg Path

REKT Terracotta Pastel Egg Path

Just in time for spring & Easter, you will be able to get your hands on the brand new Terracotta Pastel Egg Path today in the mainstore. I am super excited with this release because well, they really are SUPER cute.

They work well in any type of environment and are resizeable with a resizer script. The textures are hand-painted super realistic terracotta baked so you get great quality for your buck, and in the pack, I’ve made it so that you have the following:

1 x single egg of each color (blue, pink, purple, green, yellow and white) – 1 land impact each

1 x rainbow colored pathway (containing all colors) – 6 land impact

6 x single colored pathway (one in each color) – 6 land impact EACH

Happy spring to everyone!


TerraCotta Egg Texture Example



Subscriber Gift

Rekt St Pats Cussion SetTime for some gifties!

Who doesn’t love gifts right? Well, in the spirit of St Patrick’s which is tomorrow, I have created a small gift that is accessible to those who will get on the subscriber list which you will find in the mainstore location.

This satin cushion set includes 2 x 1 LI pillows,one green and one white. I’ve kept them rather neutral so they can be used all over and year round and the fun part, they are copy and modifiable through a resizer script in order to resize them! So have at it my darlings, I do hope you enjoy the gift.

Don’t forget to come by and get on that subscriber list in order to get yours. They will be available for a limited time only all you have to do is hit that green subscribe button. Pretty simple.

I hope you enjoy the gift!!




Modern Table Gacha

Rekt Modern Table Gacha 2048 final

The Modern Table Gacha is Rekt’s second release.

With a low price of 35L per play and no rates, drop on by the mainstore location  in order to get your table, oh heck why not collect them all, there are no rares!!  The tables are no copy, however they are modifiable in order to be able to resize them and of course they are transferable.

Enjoy and don’t forget while you are there to join our in-world group or slap the subscriber and stay up to date with all the new releases coming.


Branch Shelf


Rekt’s first product is finally available in store. Don’t get too carried away with the overwhelming choice now  😛

Rekt Branch Shelf

The Branch Shelf is a simple hand painted original mesh that was created with the intent on being able to be used in any type of setting. It is unique, natural, modern and warm. Easy to accessorize and strong enough as a stand alone piece.

In each box you will find 2 different shelves. A copy with shadow and a copy without, all depending on your needs, both being 1LI each. There is a copy rezzed in the mainstore.

How to get your hands on the goods :

  • Marketplace:
  • Landmark:

Have a great weekend!



A small sneak peek

Rekt is proud to finally start releasing its first original mesh products to the Second Life residents soon! Here is a preview of our first product branch shelf which will be releasing shortly, all that’s left to do is box it up and get it out in world and on the marketplace!!

Rekt Branch Shelf