Subscriber Gift

Rekt St Pats Cussion SetTime for some gifties!

Who doesn’t love gifts right? Well, in the spirit of St Patrick’s which is tomorrow, I have created a small gift that is accessible to those who will get on the subscriber list which you will find in the mainstore location.

This satin cushion set includes 2 x 1 LI pillows,one green and one white. I’ve kept them rather neutral so they can be used all over and year round and the fun part, they are copy and modifiable through a resizer script in order to resize them! So have at it my darlings, I do hope you enjoy the gift.

Don’t forget to come by and get on that subscriber list in order to get yours. They will be available for a limited time only all you have to do is hit that green subscribe button. Pretty simple.

I hope you enjoy the gift!!