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◕‿◕ ♡Hi everyone!!♡ ◕‿◕
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know there is a few releases to look forward to here at Rekt and also a hunt ending this week so I wanted to give you the opportunity to get your hands on this fatpack before its gone. Heres goes:

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organized by Toxxic Rhiannyr / AlterEgo.
Here is ALL the official information from Toxx herself telling you all about this FANTASTIC new event happening in the comfort of your home, or while you are out clubbing, whatever works FOR YOU so no lag and all of that excellent stuff ❤

A unique ONLINE shopping experience that is built around a popular tool, the Linden Lab Marketplace. While keeping the basic “buy & sell” routine in mind, I wanted to come up with an event that was “outside the cube” & dodge some common bullets that occur inworld, with the traditional shopping events. Things like enormous amounts of lag, capped capacity regions causing them to fill quickly, waiting days to get your hands on items you want right now, rezz issues, failed deliveries … you get my drift.

The ☆BUY NOW☆ collective is made up of SecondLife’s finest brands, coming together to provide you with a more chillax shopping experience. So don’t toss that lappy in the garbage just yet! We will have a plethora of products sure to satisfy your “shop til you drop” cravings! Fashion, Skins, Hair, Body, Accessories, Tattoo, Mesh, Applier, Poses and more, for men and women, kids … mainstream, fantasy … I am striving for vast variety!

Shopping from the ☆BUY NOW☆ network could potentially introduce you to brands that are new to you. You can easily access our brand participants inworld landmarks, blog, policies and browse through pages of our past works, all with a few clicks of a button. No need to strip down to a floating head just to snatch the items you are after, shop from the comfort of your home! Buy all the things, NOW!

Join the ☆BUY NOW☆ inworld group, for access to our monthly shopping list! It is FREE to join and chat will be active, so you can help each other out and gab about your finds! Find the group joiners inside participating brand inworld stores OR paste this link into your local chat! secondlife:///app/group/aadd83e7-c2a4-5ed8-f3ed-2c617fe8c66f/about

☆BUY NOW☆ first round is May 1st, 2016!
Designer list can be found on the website.

We hope you join us in this shopping experience! For any questions, please feel free to reach out! Send all inquiries to Toxxic Rhiannyr. ♥


Here is your preview of my exclusive mesh item for this SUPER EXCITING EVENT beginning on SUNDAY MAY 1st on MARKETPLACE

Rekt Natural Rocks Vendor Preview
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The Challenge for builders,
brought to you by 22769/Bauwerk owners

I am honored to be part of so many amazing events already and here is another i am excited about. The Challenge brings a new theme each month for designers to get creative. This month’s theme is Sports and here is my exclusive for this round which begins on the 30th:

You can find more information about this event on their website which is:

Slugger Preview
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My latest release

Only 49L each or 397L/fatpack

They are available in the mainstore and on the marketplace for your convenience

♛ Marketplace:

Rekt Wallflower II

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Homestuff hunt ending April 30th

More details:

Rekt Wallflower Homestuff Hunt Gift

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Thats all the news for now.!!
But ps, keep your eyes peeled, as there will be Cosmo coming up for me next round May 8th and next month we will be participating in the 30/31 event, be sure to stay in touch through social media, group or subscriber in order to stay up-to-date with everything happening with Rekt!
♛ 􀀂 ♛

How to stay up to speed:
♛ Marketplace:
♛ Inworld Store Landmark: 􀀃 ♛
♛ Inworld Group : secondlife:///app/group/916cd981-b3cb-3572-4642-1f98e01164a3/about (copy & paste in local chat) ♛
♛ Pinterest:
♛ Plurk:
♛ Facebook:
♛ Flickr:
♛ Website:
(subscriber in world available)


☆BUY NOW☆ Sneak Peek


Hi everyone! It has been a few since I poked my head in here hasn’t it!

I have been hard at work! I am super excited to be a part of this unique shopping experience that will be happening as of May 1st. This is a sneak peek of my item for the ☆BUY NOW☆ event.

Have you heard of ☆BUY NOW☆?? If you have not, here is all the information I have received about this amazing, unique event that I am so psyched about! You will have the opportunity to shop from the comfort of your own home without having to deal with all the lag and frustration of not being able to get into the high traffic events, leaving you without the items you wanted for days, heck even weeks on end because the regions are always full. This is an event that will be taking place on Second Life’s Marketplace!! How great is that?? No dealing with having to wear full body alphas or limited script sims sending you back home because you are a prim whore, or because you bust the limits of whatever they request, you can sit all nice and cozy in your sofa AND SHOP! These items will not be available in world, so you don’t have to deal with crazy people running you over to get the demo either.So with that being said, this will be a great

And ☆BUY NOW☆ is organized by the one and only Toxxic Rhiannyr the brilliantly talented owner/creator of the AlterEgo brand in Second Life. So we KNOW there is LOADS experience behind this shopping event.

If you would like more information for this event, have a looky on this website and be sure to join the inworld group! You will get exclusive item previews, news and much more!


More stuff is  on the way as well so keep your eyes peeled here folks there is MUCH more to come in the next few weeks with Builder’s Challenge at the end of the month with sports as the theme for this month and also Cosmopolitan  starting on the 8th of May and Geektopia in June as well! So much excite 😉

Ciao for now!




Wallflower II

Rekt Wallflower II

Another new release comes to Rekt today!

Continuing with more flowers, the wallflower II edition is simply a gem for all you decor fanatics out there. A timeless piece that can be matched up in any genre of decor, it really works well with so many styles.  Inside or out, the original texturing will stand out in this piece!

Be sure to grab yours today either in the mainstore location or on the marketplace. Both are ready for you to get for only 49L a piece or 397L for the fatpack of 10 delicious different colors.

They are fully resizeable through script and are copy enabled so you may rez as many as you need for your decor needs. Come see them for yourself instore, you will not be dissapointed to see how beautiful they look, and don’t forget to enable materials to get the best viewing experience and keep in mind, different windlights also produce different texture results so have fun with those as well as you look at the products too, those are too often neglected while shopping and sometimes, you miss out on some great items simply for not looking at items through proper settings during these times.

How to get your hands on the goods :

  • Marketplace:
  • Landmark: