☆BUY NOW☆ Sneak Peek


Hi everyone! It has been a few since I poked my head in here hasn’t it!

I have been hard at work! I am super excited to be a part of this unique shopping experience that will be happening as of May 1st. This is a sneak peek of my item for the ☆BUY NOW☆ event.

Have you heard of ☆BUY NOW☆?? If you have not, here is all the information I have received about this amazing, unique event that I am so psyched about! You will have the opportunity to shop from the comfort of your own home without having to deal with all the lag and frustration of not being able to get into the high traffic events, leaving you without the items you wanted for days, heck even weeks on end because the regions are always full. This is an event that will be taking place on Second Life’s Marketplace!! How great is that?? No dealing with having to wear full body alphas or limited script sims sending you back home because you are a prim whore, or because you bust the limits of whatever they request, you can sit all nice and cozy in your sofa AND SHOP! These items will not be available in world, so you don’t have to deal with crazy people running you over to get the demo either.So with that being said, this will be a great

And ☆BUY NOW☆ is organized by the one and only Toxxic Rhiannyr the brilliantly talented owner/creator of the AlterEgo brand in Second Life. So we KNOW there is LOADS experience behind this shopping event.

If you would like more information for this event, have a looky on this website and be sure to join the inworld group! You will get exclusive item previews, news and much more!



More stuff is  on the way as well so keep your eyes peeled here folks there is MUCH more to come in the next few weeks with Builder’s Challenge at the end of the month with sports as the theme for this month and also Cosmopolitan  starting on the 8th of May and Geektopia in June as well! So much excite 😉

Ciao for now!





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