30/31 Event Exclusive

Rekt Outcast Sculpture

The 30/31 event is now underway and I have the pleasure to introduce the Outcast Sculpture. This is a piece that comes in only one color exclusively and has been carefully created with nothing but modern art in mind.

This event is held by the most amazing Windlight Magazine (thank you so much for having me in your event). The items can be be found in each’s respective mainstores/galleries.

You can find all the participants here:


And my item here:

Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seascape/159/94/1152

The event is a short one and is from today May 31st to June 7th so be sure to get out shopping quickly so you don’t miss out before its too late on special pricing as alot of items are on sale!

Happy shopping everyone!




The Challenge: Steampunk

Rekt Steampunk Cushions SetSo this month’s Challenge theme is Steampunk and I have created a set of cushions to perfectly accent any steampunk decor.

The set includes 6 different textures and cushion that can be added either on the floor or furniture and can be resized through script simply by touching the item. Its on promo for the duration of the event for 99L

You can find these instore

a full shopping guide can be found here:




The Selfie Station Gift

The Selfie Station is now available on marketplace.

Have fun creating a multitude of pictures with this custom modern minimal mesh picture background.

Rekt Selfie Station

This gift is only available on marketplace.

Please take note that this is only a static decor item. There are no poses in this mesh. Simply rez where you would like to take your picture. use your own poses &/or pose hud and decorate it as you need. This is meant to be used as a photography aid to help you quickly change the settings around you.

Enjoy your gift!



Nautical Set At Cosmo

Rekt is at Cosmopolitan Event this round running from May 9-21 &  Ive created this super cute Nautical Decor Set.

It is available in 6 beautiful pastel colors, or in the 20% off already discounted fatpack edition (DISCOUNT IS ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE EVENT) where you can find a copy of each rezzed. Don’t forget to turn your materials on and play with those windlights. They are spectacular and worth snagging as they look lovely both inside or out, in a bathroom or even in any living space to add some nautical charm and color.


Have fun decorating!