BUY NOW is live!


Welcome to the BUY NOW Shopping Network! Enclosed you will find the MASTER shopping list website! We do have a couple stores still MIA at this time, if they list, we will update on our website! We thank you for your patience while we prepared for this new concept! We hope that you enjoy our products and the over all shopping experience

Keywords: BUY NOW, BUY NOW – May

My event exclusive is these natural rocks which are a must have in order for you to create a natural looking environment in your second life. These 100% original mesh and textured rocks are unique and will give you absolutely fantastic decor as they are materials ready and give a beautiful realistic impression. Of course, please keep in mind, should you re-size them (as they are modifiable) that the land impact might rise a little should you make them A LOT bigger, as any mesh would cause the same thing, otherwise, they are 1 land impact each.

Each texture illustrated is included and the rocks are copy so you may rez as many copies as you need.

These rocks are rezzed in world if you would like to stop by and have a look but you can only purchase these items on marketplace, no need to get in line or wait for a busy schedule to open up, or for room on the sim,  just buy at your own convenience with the Buy Now shopping network, buy when it is good for YOU!!!

  • Landmark: (for viewing in world)
  • Marketplace:


Don’t forget to join the in-world group in order to stay up to date with what’s hot and what’s not or slap the subscriber if you don’t have enough group space and that way you will be kept up to speed!

Have a great Sunday!







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