The Challenge: Sport


As of April 30, the new round of The Challenge for builders is now officially begun.

As I have previously mentioned, the theme for may, is Sports. And this is my custom mesh creation for this month.

I cannot lie, I am quite thrilled because these lamps are just awesome all around.

They work well in many types of scenes, and have a unique custom texture that will give you a lovely shine should you choose to activate the materials on your viewer as materials are enabled, however, they are concrete, so they do give you a very edgy and modern look as well.

I do hope you enjoy this item and will grab yours today!

They are available in single copy for 77L’s each or the fatpack is yours for 350L’s. They are copy and modify so you will be able to rez as many as needed and resize them to your needs.

You can get your hands on yours either in world (where you can see them rezzed and in all their glory) or on marketplace:

  • Marketplace:
  • Landmark:


Also, here is a link to the websites where you can find all the other participants of this exciting event and their beautiful creations:

Enjoy and don’t forget sharing is caring!




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