A little news…

Hello everyone!

So its been a busy week here at Rekt. I am currently in the process of working on the exclusive Geektopia items which is opening the 19th but figured I would poke my head in and say hello.

So got some great news this week! Slocca have sent us their acceptance for their organisation. If you have not heard of them, you should have a look at their website where you can find absolutely talented designers who create their custom mesh as well.


So you will now see their seal on the vendors as we are very proud to be a member. Thank you so much!

The Challenge for July theme is adventure so this will be quite interesting as well, looking forward to creating something fun for this! I’m getting alot of good ideas already! I cant wait to get started on this project!

Also I will be adding the links to the Rekt bloggers on the website as we have had a few new bloggers join the ranks as of late and so i would like to make sure that you be able to see their work at any given time if you dont want to have to scroll through the feed, you will be able to find them quickly! A bunch of little things will be added as I go.

Still going on are current sales for Buy Now where you can get your hands on the quite popular SelfieStation #2 which is up for grabs for only 99L and also an amazing linenup by a  ton of  uber talented designers from around the grid  which you can find the entire list here on the website


The easiest way for you to shop for this event which takes place on the secondlife marketplace thus giving you the convenience to shop from the comfort of your home, is to seach for the keywords BUY NOW-JUNE in the MP search field and you will see all the creations from this months participants.

Also, the Challenge is still going on all month with this current round’s theme which is Steampunk! I have a nice little set of cushions that can accent just about any type of steampunk decor as well for 99L you get a set of 6 beautifully textured cushions. Both of these last items are rezzed in the mainstore for you to see as well if need be.

Also here is the complete list for the participants of the Challenge for this month as well


And thats about it for the news for now!

Have a great weekend folks!





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