Moving on to a bigger location!

Rekt Store Pic

Rekt has a new mainstore location. The old store was already outgrown and needed tons more space to make some new stuffs for you all so, we have moved already!

The store is very spacious, modern and just the right feel for the meantime! There is plenty of growth space and I look forward to creating new stuffies to fill it up.

I hope you will stop by to have a look. Its still a work in progress but its coming along nicely. The main entrance/main area will be a gallery featuring rekt items and the work of our blog team when I have a moment to set it all up with links to their blogs/flickr so it will be beautiful! I am truly excited! Otherwise, just walking in to your right to begin seeing where everything is and walk around, have a look! I hope you like it. There’s still a bit more decorating to do but as most of you know, a store is always a work in progress

Enjoy and don’t forget, sharing is caring 😉

Have a wonderful day!

Faith xo



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