New gift for BUY NOW shopping group!

Rekt Oar Gift Set

The Buy Now shopping event is the official anti event of Second Life and if you haven’t heard of it yet, then keep reading!

Buy Now is an event that takes place in the comfort of heck wherever you are because you don’t even have to move, it takes place on marketplace! We are a bunch of designers that have created a new item and the event takes place there on the marketplace rather than you have to move to a lagfest to try and get into and fight your way in hopes of not crashing, you get your item WHEN YOU WANT IT. No waiting, no crashing. And the shopping is pretty easy all you do is hit the MP and search for Buy Now -June (or whatever the month may be that we are currently in) and you will have all the results coming up! it doesn’t get any simpler than this. Plus you don’t have to bother with putting on these invisible body alpha’s and watching your attachments for too many scripts i mean the list goes on. this is just a simpler way of shopping. Less headaches for everyone!

So, be sure to get yourself in the group in world as some of the designers, like myself have created a gift just for the shopping group! Yep our way of saying thank you for being a part of the group and supporting the event 🙂 You will find gifts so far by AlterEgo, Enertia, Indyra, Dark Passion’s and Milk Tea and surely more to come. 

I’ve created this cute little oar gift set here so all you have to do to pick it up is be a part of the inworld group for Buy Now stop by the inworld location here and you can have yourself a nice little deco set along with all the other gifties YAY! How simple is that? The set includes a copy version of each color resizable by script and they aren’t stuck together either so you can deco with them any which way you like!

So be sure to get in the group, a new round starts July 1st! So check out this months sales by searching BUY NOW – JUNE and be on the look out for next month’s stuff next week!

For a full list of all the participants, be sure to have a look at the website:

Welcome to Buy Now!

Happy shopping!




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