Rekt @ Pulse Fundraiser


I am truly thankful to be able to give back and help the victims of the Pulse tragedy and have taken the time to create The Lotus Decor items especially for this event.

The tragedy that happened at Pulse has touched us all and I hope that you will join us in raising money for the victims of this atrocious act of violence.

Ive had the pleasure of seeing the many items of the incredibly talented designers participating already and be sure to stop by you wont regret and if you cant, please feel to stop by the mainstore, there is a donation kiosk that you can donate funds to.

Event opens tommorow, June 28th @ 11am SLT and runs through to July 12th.

Each single item is 50L each and 50% of the proceeds go to charity and the fatpack containing all the colors is only 299L with 75% of the proceeds going to charity,

Kindly share these posts with social media in order to get the word out to everyone ❤ the more people know the more money we can raise for these folks.





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