Rekt @ We Love Roleplay

Rekt honored to be a part of We ❤ RP for the first time this month (and there’s not a better month to start than my birthday month YAY!)  I am excited to bring you the Eryx mask that I won’t lie has been finished for a little while and I’ve been so eagerly awaiting to release at this event!

You will be able to purchase different different types of huds for this mask depending on your budget, ranging from 99L up to 299L and im offering you a  25% discount at the event only so be sure to come snatch this up while its on sale!

It may be worn or used as a unique decor piece, that’s totally up to you, but I assure you this, make sure you get your materials enabled on your viewer for some amazing results as you play with your windlights! You will not be disappointed I promise you that! The textures are delicious 🙂

Just remember the event opens July 5th @1pm SLT.

Happy 4rth to those of you celebrating!





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