A Cautionary Tale

Sugar on Snails

Featured Item: Rekt Bone Horn aka Pecker Horns (Cosmopolitan)

“You can always judge a book by its cover,” Tomas said, a red maned boy with hair spiked like a rooster’s comb, his garb that of a grunge rock throwback. He wore a red-checked shirt, torn blue-jeans and sneakers. He nodded, assuring himself he spoke wisdom, as he spoke to the proprietor. Tomas sat on the barstool near the middle, sipped coffee and chewed on his breakfast burrito. It was early still, and the crowd was thin, but it would fill up soon.

This was Shepherd’s Tavern, a local gathering spot for those of the mystical community. It served the needs of supernatural and magic using folks alike. Food and drink were provided, and a safe haven. The radio by the loadstone played NPR’s Morning Edition, and newspapers were being shared by the patrons. Wifi was unreliable, unless you were powered up…

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