The Vintage Satin Beds

It is such a privilege to be a part of the Lost & Found event which runs from Monday Aug. 22nd to Sept. 1st.  For this round, I went digging way up in the attic where i found a dear bed spread in one of those old cedar boxes my mother used to throw all our old dresses in. I bring to you the Vintage satin bed in either the Romance or Adult menu choices available. The beds are stocked with loads of animations so load of fun for you and your special someone guaranteed!

At the event I rezzed a copy of the romance bed at the event so you can get an idea of the bed itself and you can see the menus and such and also they are both rezzed in the mainstore as well if you would like to get a peek at the adult menu.

The beds are 14 land impact total with the blanket, which is optional (you can even hide it with a menu as well) and if you choose not to put it on, the bed is only 6 land impact.

So here is the slurl for the event:

And also, have a look on flickr where you can find the participating designers and their items on their feed :

Be sure to come check out the demos in the mainstore if need be as well (this is the only place you can find the ADULT version) so here is the SLURL for the mainstore:

So happy shopping to you all!









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