Rattle Your Bones

Sugar on Snails

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It was getting late, with last call not far off, as the bartender, a broad shouldered man with a bald head and solid build, strolled down the bar carrying a bottle. Frank was his name, and he had a white button down shirt with an apron over top, and army surplus boots which had his black fatigues tucked in the tops. A clean white towel was draped over one shoulder. He stopped in front of the lone patron at the bar – the few other customers had chosen more intimate and private booths.

Ezekiel’s Cellar was thick with the steamy last days of summer. It gave the bar an almost otherworldly feel, as ceiling fans labored to stir the air. Something wasn’t natural about tonight, and that feeling bothered Frank a little. It was his bar, after all.

He set the bottle in front…

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