The Bloody Horror Fair is coming!!


Hello my darlings! The bloody horror fair is at our doors and ready to open October 25rh through to November 10th. And OH MY GOD the amazing creations that are going to be available there, I hope you are ready to go broke because its gonna be INTENSE!!! There’s so much cool stuff that these designers have created not to mention how awesome the sim looks. It is WELL WORTH stopping by because I assure you, you will not know what to do with yourselves!!

I’ve gone ahead and created my first weapon, the Horrorz Blade, a double ended axe aimed for taking pics or static decor if you prefer. There’s one pose included with it also a clean and bloody blade version is included, and I’ve also included 2 versions of the blade that attach on the left hand and on the back so that makes it easier for you guys and also it is modify so you can go ahead and use it with your own poses and such and if you wish to add a combat system or whatnot (because it does not have one in it) you shall be able to do well!


How to get there?! Simple! Follow the link below:

wanna know more about the event and who else is participating and all that good stuff?? Check out these links below for more information:

I hope you guys have a great time shopping!!


Faith! xo





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