Mega Sale, new gift & free group join at REKT

Until November 28th, the mega Black Friday Madness is going on at REKT where you can benefit from 60% off storewide (excluding gachas and of course items at events) We are celebrating this year’s Thanksgiving ALL WEEKEND LONG!!!

The group is free to join for the whole duration of the sale AND as if that wasn’t enough, there are still previously released group gifts available up for grabs AND I’ve just released another group gift yesterday, showing my thanks and appreciation for all of you who have been every so generous and wonderful in your support for my brand over the last months!

So be sure to come on down this weekend and join the group while it’s at no cost to you, and grab all these gifts and such and don’t forget, Christmas is just around the corner, so you might wanna stay in the group because there are some very special things to come!!

Here is the SLURL for you to TP down to the store, where you can join and enjoy the massive discounts:

Again, thank you so much for the unconditional support!

Much love,





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