Time for some spoils!!!


A new group gift is available in the mainstore @REKT!  I have been working non stop lately, its been very busy time and plenty more to come, however I had to take the time to make you guys a little gift because I love the leaves so much, this time of year is just great i had to make this little group gift with them.

I hope you enjoy! Just slap that group tag on, and come pick it up in the mainstore, there are also some past gifts still up for grabs as well.

For those of you who aren’t part of the group yet, don’t worry you won’t break the bank much, group join is only 50L.

Here is the group ID, simply paste this in local chat click on the group link and join:


And here is the SLURL to get to the mainstore of course:


I just wanted to show my appreciation for your support! Thank you all so very much

Hugs xo





Rekt at The Seasons Story

Rekt is immensely honored to be a part of the new round of The Seasons Story which opens its doors tonight, October 9 at 11:59pm SLT and the theme of course is Autumn ♥ and for the occasion I have created 4 different styled leaf paths that I absolutely love! Easy to customize to your builds because it is copy and modify, you will easily be able to move them around as you please. Its only 4 land impact for a nice row of 6 highly detailed textured leaves. Be sure to get your materials enabled as they are ready for you to get blown away!

Also at the event, you will find a 30L giftie, a Leaf Necklace that is also resizeable so its unisex for both ladies and the gents! I do hope you all like it!

Happy anniversary TSS! ♥

How to get there? Simple follow this link:


And here is the website to know more:

Homepage 2

and the flickr page to see the awesome goodies:



I hope you enjoy your shopping experience loves!





Sydney Shelves Set @ Lost & Found

Rekt Sydney Shelves Set Vendor Ad Lost & Found.jpg

Today marks the beginning of another round of the event Lost & Found which features some of SL’s best original content creators all under one roof.

I have created the Sydney shelves set which is composed of 3 items, the tall wall shelves, the square shelf and the table as you can see shown in the vendor pic above, and all 3 rezzed together is a total of 3 LI only! These are perfect either for a vintage or modern home decor set up or even stores and come in an array of 10 fabulous colors which are ALL available at the event for the low price of 199L per pack.

Here is the SLURL to come n get yours as soon as the event opens later on today (usually around 12pm SLT)


You can find the black ones rezzed at the event and a few different colors will be rezzed at the mainstore should you like to see different colors in world


Don’t forget if you are at the mainstore, join the inworld group to grab the goodies on the giftie wall and stay in the group as there will be a group fee to join in the next week or so!! 🙂 And there’s a new group gift coming for October pretty soon as well so hai who doesn’t love free spoils!!

I hope you all enjoy!





Wood Carved Pumpkins At LTD

Rekt Wood Carrved Pumpkins.jpg

Rekt is at Love to Decorate, The Event for the September round which started yesterday September 12th and is running through till October 1st.

I’ve created these lovely rustic wood carved pumpkins which you can get for only 149L and the box is LOADED with so much pumpkins inside its well worth the buy!!

There’s 6-packs, 3-packs, and singles of all colors and different mixes of all types and I’ve also made them copy and modify so you can rez as many as you like, because nothing says fall like pumpkins!

I hope you enjoy them! Here is the SLURL in order to grab yours!


Also here is all the social media information regarding the event, be sure to follow them all in order to see who’s got what at the event as well!

Happy shopping!




New group gift available at mainstore


Good day lovies!

I hope you are all doing well! I have layed out a little group gift for you in world last night because well its been a while since ive spoiled yall so i created this crowned skull decor piece.  The group is still free to join for the time being but i do plan on putting a group join fee as of October 1st because I shall be making regular group gifts and I shall be making it worth your while to be in the group also with giving group only discounts with purchases, amongst other things. This will be getting sorted in the next couple weeks so now is the time to get in on this while its at no cost to you!!

Ive included 2 versions of it in the box 1 that is 1 land impact with lower LOD and a second thats 2 land impact with higher LOD for those of you who are a bit picky on that (i know i am) so i included both and you can rez whichever one you want!!


So enjoy the spoils and I hope to see you in group soon! 🙂









Bone Horns at Cosmopolitan

Bone Horns 2048 Ad Cosmo

A brand new release is available today at Cosmopolitan Sales Room which has started a fresh new round.

I have a new accessory for you all, the Bone Horns which is a gacha (damn me, I know I know lol) which is available in 18 beautiful colors and can be adjusted individually so you can have them sized as you wish, places as you wish ect be creative my dears!! Each play is 40L so you wont break the bank either! 🙂

Heres the landmark for you to go grab yours today :


Also, if you would like a complete listing of whats available at the event, be sure to have a look at the website where you can find all the information about the event:


So have fun, and most importantly, happy shopping!



Unicorn Pendant at Fable

Rekt Unicorn Pendant

Fable opened its doors today giving you the opportunity to shop this unique mystical event loaded with some of secondlife’s most creative designers.

I’ve designed my first piece of jewelry. the unicorn pendant which is available in gold, silver or pink, for only 99L per color or 225L for the fatpack for the duration of the event.

Make your way to the event with the SLURL below:


And for a list of some of the participants, have a look on the flickr:


and there are PLENTY more hidden treasures that arent advertised that you need to check out. Also there are 10L gifts all over the place (ok ok mine is a little late but it will be there VERY shortly I PROMISE! i am just finishing up the vendor pic as we speak so sit tight it will be there in a moment!) So be sure to go grab some spoils!!

Happy shopping to you all!!