New Release @Cosmopolitan

Rekt Tribal Deer

Cosmopolitan brings us another round of fabulous goodies and with this I present to you another exclusive from Rekt, the Tribal Deer. Yet another unique decor piece, these tribal deer come in an array of 10 lovely colors for you to choose from and will fit in many different genres of styles.

They can be hung up on a wall, placed on the ground, outside, ect wherever your heart desires, these decor pieces are versatile and have materials enabled as well so do make sure you check those out (I did forget to mention that on the ad – oopsie!) the effects are quite worth it, I assure you!  You will be able to resize them easily with the modify enabled and copy at will my lovelies!

The event runs from July 18th-30 and event pricing is 50L/color 350L/fatpack!

So heres your ride over to Cosmo so you can grab yours:


Also,be sure to check out the full list of designers for the event on their website here:

Happy shopping dearies!







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